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Default template

Basic layout example with left sidebar and header(inside mode).

Minimized navigation
Minimized Navigation

Minimized navigation by default. Can be toggled to basic mode and hidden.

Hidden Navigation
Hidden Navigation

This navigation is hidden by default. Can be toggled to basic mode and minimized.

Light Navigation
Light Navigation

Custom navigation style special for this page. Its supports all basic features.

Mobile Style Navigation
Mobile Style Navigation

Simple navigation in case if you need small navigation and lots of free space on page.

Header With Navigation
Header With Navigation

Basic navigation in header. Supports dropdowns and megamenu. Also it's mobile ready.

Custom Header Navigation
Custom Header Navigation

Extended header navigation where first level is using as tab, and second as links.

Wrapped Content
Wrapped Content

Example with wrapped content and heading with image. Can be used with all layouts.

RTL Support
RTL Support

Boooya template supports RTL mode. So it's easy to make it right to left.

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Compact Gallery
Save your space using this feature

It's possible to use all block elements inside this gallery. It will help you to save free space and show lots of information using listing.

Simple informers for you customers

Use this tips to inform your customers in new way. Running tips very well draw attention to themselves. Also it can contains with long texts.

It's easy to show app status

Use this feature to show application status. Its supports different colors, and other settings like animation speed, position and other.

Status Bar
Awesome container for alerts and forms

Use this feature as informer of form popup block. Also it can be used as alert window to show action status. It's easy to use this feature.

Show your data in new way

This feature is based on bootstrap modal window. It easy to call this powerfull feature using few attributes on element.

And many more...
Tons feature more inside package

We continue our work on this template every hour, it mean that we incude new features and preparing new updates for you right now.