Validation Engine

Awesome plugin that helps you in validation.

Answer length (required)

Validation of required fields and validates length of value.

Require an answer (can be applied to all types of inputs and select elements)
Max 10 characters
Min 5 characters
No less than 5 characters and no more than 10 characters


Validating number values

Any numerical value
Only allowing float values
Only allowing numbers from 1 to 100
Only allowing numbers from -50 to 30

Date validators

This module contains validators needed when validating dates and time.

Validate date formatted yyyy-mm-dd.
It is possible to use another format.
Validate past dates and dates that is not older then 120 years.
Validate time formatted HH:mm.

Other Fields

Examples of other field types

Validation of elmail adress input
URL validation example
This input requires an answer that contains only letters a-z and/or numbers
This input would only allow lowercase letters a-z

File validators

This module contains validators needed when validating file uploads.

Validate that file isn't larger than 512 kilo bytes.
Validate that file is an image of type JPG, GIF or PNG and not larger than 2 mega bytes
Validate that a file is given and that it has .txt as extension
Min 2 images; format: jpg, png, gif; max-size: 512kb.

Location validators

This module contains validators needed when validating geographical data.

Validate country (english only).
Validate US state (english only).
Validate longitude and latitude (eg 40.714623,-74.006605).


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