Editable Form

Full featured web editing


This library allows you to create editable elements on your page.

User namesuperuserSimple text field
First nameEmpty text field, required
SexSelect, local array, custom display
GroupAdminSelect, remote array, no buttons
StatusActiveSelect, error while loading
Date of birthCombodate (date)
EventCombodate (datetime)
Commentawesome user!Textarea, buttons below. Submit by ctrl+enter
Tagshtml, javascriptSelect2 (tags mode)
CountrySelect2 (dropdown mode)
AddressCustom input, several fields


7 new, latest: July 19, 2016 at 10:14:32.

Product Delivered delivered

#SPW-955-18 to st. StreetName SA, USA.

19/07/2016 10:14:32 AM

Successful Payment success

Payment for order #SPW-955-17: $145.44.

19/07/2016 09:55:12 AM

New Order #SPW-955-17 waiting

Added new order, waiting for payment. Order details.

19/07/2016 09:51:55 AM

Money Back Request return

#SPW-955-17 return requested. Request details.

19/07/2016 08:44:51 AM

The critical amount of product important

Product: Extra Awesome Product (amount: 2). Storehouse.

19/07/2016 08:30:00 AM

Product Delivery Start delivering

#SPW-955-18 to st. StreetName SA, USA.

18/07/2016 06:14:32 PM

Critical Server Load server

Disk space: 248.1Gb/250Gb. Control panel.

18/07/2016 06:14:32 PM


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