Simple css spinners to show your loading state

Loading Spinner

Basic css spinner. Use app-spinner loading as basic.


app-spinner loading

Loading Primary

app-spinner loading loading-primary

Loading Info

app-spinner loading loading-info

Loading Success

app-spinner loading loading-success

Loading Warning

app-spinner loading loading-warning

Loading Danger

app-spinner loading loading-danger

Pulse Spinner

Basic css spinner. Use app-spinner pulse as basic.


app-spinner pulse

Pulse Primary

app-spinner pulse pulse-primary

Pulse Info

app-spinner pulse pulse-info

Pulse Success

app-spinner pulse pulse-success

Pulse Warning

app-spinner pulse pulse-warning

Pulse Danger

app-spinner pulse pulse-danger

Scaleout Spinner

Basic css spinner. Use app-spinner scaleout as basic.


app-spinner scaleout

Scaleout Primary

app-spinner scaleout scaleout-primary

Scaleout Info

app-spinner scaleout scaleout-info

Scaleout Success

app-spinner scaleout scaleout-success

Scaleout Warning

app-spinner scaleout scaleout-warning

Scaleout Danger

app-spinner scaleout scaleout-danger

Rotating Spinner

Basic css spinner. Use app-spinner rotating as basic.


app-spinner rotating

Snake Spinner

Basic css spinner. Use app-spinner snake as basic.


app-spinner snake


Basic css spinner. Use app-spinner pulsate as basic.


app-spinner pulsate


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19/07/2016 10:14:32 AM

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18/07/2016 06:14:32 PM


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